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Libro ebook Blood In The Sand, Benny Hinn
Author: Benny Hinn
Publisher: Charisma House
Language: Inglés
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: 14.17 (14.17)
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Publishing year: 2009
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ISBN: 9781599799513
Having been born in the Middle East and raised among Arabs, Christians, and Jews, Pastor Benny Hinn has a truly unique perspective on the Middle East. For this reason Christians with a sincere desire to understand the roots of the conflict have questioned him for years, prompting him to publish this timely book on the subject. Blood in the Sand takes readers on a journey in time from Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael to the critical situation we currently face as citizens of the world. Along the way, Pastor Benny shares personal memories of growing up in the region, scriptural prophecies pertaining to the current crisis, and his own heart regarding what he believes is on the horizon.
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