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Libro ebook CEBus Demystified: The ANSI/EIA 600 Users Guide, Evans
Author: Evans
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Language: Inglés
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: 41.34 (41.34)
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Publishing year: 2001
Size: 10.6 Mb
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ISBN: 0000071370064
"CEBus Demystified" makes sense of the ANSI/EIA 600 standard - the standard specifically intended to allow stand-alone products in the home to be networked successfully. It provides a complete technical overview of the product protocol including the CAL (common application language) language and HPnP (home plug and play), and how to achieve product interoperability. It is a guide to each part of the standard, making sense of confusing concepts with examples and instruction on how to make your existing and future products CEBus compliant.
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