Libro ebook Competency Profiles, Youssef Yacob
Subtitle The Key to Leadership Development for Muslim Background Bilievers
Author: Youssef Yacob
Publisher: Logos
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2018
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ISBN: 9788494908606
One of the urgent needs today for the emerging church in previously least reached countries is good training material. This research is a valuable contribution to understanding what is needed to train those God is calling into leadership.
Youssef is a native Algerian raised in a conservative Muslim family. After a successful career as a professional soccer player and manager he joined Operation Mobilization in 1980 and has led its work in Algeria together with his wife Hee Tee since 1988. As one of the key leaders Youssef and Hee Tee minister through TV and radio, literature printing and distribution, sports ministry, and relief projects. Through the Timothy Training School they train workers for the Algerian churches and now for the nations. Youssef and Hee Tee have three daughters.
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