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Subtitle A book addressed to families, patients and close relatives.
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A book written by the community manager of a Forum specialized in BPD. The book gives different ideas about things to do to become better. Also Based in famous authors like Marsha Linehan and others.
Born Agost 1972 in Barcelona (Spain). She has studied Social Work and Communication Studies. 
Index Acknowledgements Introduction First Part: What s the story of BPD about? Definition of Borderline Personality Disorder How to diagnose? A test People with BPD are very sensitive Regarding mistakes in the diagnosis From being diagnosed to being labeled? The name: Borderline Personality Disorder Severity varies Suicide risk Second Part: What are the causes? There are biological, social and learning factors. How childhood affects The importance of setting limits in education Types of attachment and emotional security How our society affects and influences people Third Part: Then, what? Become informed: there are resources Seek a therapist Lauri s advice on psychotherapies Learning types of psychotherapies Individual psychotherapy Group psychotherapy Family psychotherapy What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Creator of DBT reveals information of her life Advices on finding a therapist… Considerations of specialized psychologists When is it time for an admission, if necessary?. Fourth Part: Psychotherapy goals Raising will power Defeating emotional turmoil Tolerating and managing frustration Anger management Learning to be more assertive Regulating impulsivity Raising self-esteem Finding out activities you know and can do Making decisions Taking self-responsibility. Improving romantic relationships Raising confidence in other people Avoiding harmful substances Taking medication if necessary, even though it will not fix everything Leading a healthy life Eating healthy Learning to relax Encouraging positive feelings Understanding ourselves Gaining strength. What if I relapse?. Appendix 1. Ideas and broad strokes 2. Authors previously mentioned: how they are 3. References of manuals, books and articles of interest
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