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Libro ebook Foundations of the International Legal Rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel, Cynthia Wallace
Author: Cynthia Wallace
Publisher: Charisma House
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2012
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ISBN: 9781616389178
It is no secret that the debate over the nation of Israel s claim to the city of Jerusalem has caused great controversy. While many who support the rights of the Jewish people present compelling emotional appeals, most fail to substantiate their arguments with hard evidence. To truly defend Israel on the political front will require more than emotional outcry; we must explore the legal and historical facts surrounding this conflict in order to preserve the rights of the Jewish people. Dr. Cynthia Wallace uses her thirty years experience in the field of international law to delineate the legal and political rights of the nation of Israel as well as the ramifications of the proposed Palestinian state. Using a comprehensive approach, Dr. Wallace presents compelling evidence authenticated by the community of nations to establish Israel s rightful legal claim to its capital and most holy city.
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