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Libro ebook How to Do Everything Mac OS X Lion Edition, Dwight Spivey
Author: Dwight Spivey
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Get the Most Out of Your Mac
With coverage of the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, and Mac mini, How to Do Everything Mac, OS X Lion Edition shows you how to configure and customize your Mac and take full advantage of all the powerful tools and capabilities. You'll learn about the new features, including Multi-Touch gestures, Mission Control, full-screen apps, Launchpad, FaceTime, and more. Hardware, networking, security, and maintenance are also discussed in this practical guide.

•Interact with your Mac using Multi-Touch gestures
•View your system from Mission Control
•Connect to the Internet and explore with Safari
•Video chat with FaceTime
•Stay in touch and on schedule with Mail, Address Book, iCal, and iChat
•Browse and download content from the Mac App Store
•Access your apps from Launchpad and view them full-screen
•Use iWork for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations
•Stay entertained with QuickTime, iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie
•Sync data with your iPod, iPad, or iPhone
•Set up a wired or wireless network
•Connect external devices via USB and FireWire
•Troubleshoot, maintain, and back up your Mac

Dwight Spivey is a product manager for Konica Minolta. He has worked with the Mac since 1996, is a member of the Apple Developer Connection, and stays up to date on all Mac technical issues. Dwight is the author of iPhone & iPod touch QuickSteps and many other Mac-related titles.


Part I: Get Started with Your Mac
Chapter 1. Welcome to the World of Mac!
Chapter 2. First Things First: Getting to Know Your Mac
Chapter 3. Cruisin': Navigating Your Mac
Chapter 4. Stylin' and Profilin'! Customizing Your Mac
Chapter 5. Getting Started on the Internet
Part II: Making Your Mac Earn Its Keep
Chapter 6. How to Use Your Mac's Applications
Chapter 7. I Work, You Work, We All Work with iWork
Chapter 8. Start the Presses! Printing and Faxing Your Documents
Chapter 9. Connected and Organized: Two Things Most of Us Are Not!
Part III: Pictures, Music, and Movies, Oh My!
Chapter 10. The Quick and the Time: QuickTime
Chapter 11. Say Cheese! Managing Your Photos with iPhoto
Chapter 12. Well, Turn It Up, Man! Get in Tune with iTunes
Chapter 13. iLights! iCamera! iAction!: Using iMovie
Part IV: Time to Geek Out! Digging Deeper into Your Mac
Chapter 14. Making Sense of the System Preferences
Chapter 15. Making Your Mac Play Pretty with Other Computers: Networking and Sharing
Chapter 16. Deeper into the Internet Jungle with Safari
Chapter 17. Mail Call!
Part V: Making Your Mac Even Better: Adding Microsoft Windows and Hardware
Chapter 18. ATTENTION! Welcome to Boot Camp, Private!
Chapter 19. It's Alive! Adding Hardware to Your Mac(enstein)
Part VI: Troubleshooting and Getting Further Help When You Need It
Chapter 20. What the Heck Just Happened?
Chapter 21. Helpful Resources for Your Mac
Part VII: Change the Silicon Every Three Thousand Miles: Maintaining Your Mac
Chapter 22. Keeping the Engine Tuned
Chapter 23. Getting Under the Hood
Chapter 24. Back'er Up: Using Time Machine


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