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Libro ebook La paridad de género en el sistema electoral mexicano, Therina GARRIDO MANZO
Subtitle límites y alcances de las medidas de acción afirmativa en sede judicial
Collection: Vítor
Categories: Judicial review
Categories: Equity & trusts
Language: Español
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Publishing year: 2016
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ISBN: 9788490126516
Equality is a supreme value underlying legal order in most Constitutional States, and as a principle is an essential part that characterizes the Fundamental Law as a form of legal regulation of power. Therefore, gender quotas in electoral matter arise, it¿s implementation and application in European and Latin American countries have been generated important changes about the scope of this vision of equality. This research arises the scope and limits to be ensured in the implementation in Courts of affirmative action on gender equity, based on the hermeneutical method of proportionality and reasonableness; circumscribing this topic on precedents from 2012-2015 of Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF).
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