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Libro ebook Living On Our Heads, Rod Parsley
Author: Rod Parsley
Publisher: Charisma House
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2010
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ISBN: 9781616383954
Cultural disorientation has become pandemic. Children act like adults and adults act like children. Mother Earth is worshiped but motherhood is despised. Free speech may get you free room and board in jail. Life is denied and death is affirmed. Dictators are treasured but duly elected leaders are treated with contempt. Honest men are smeared while thugs are celebrated. Our nation suffers from an epidemic of upside-down thinking and we are poorer and weaker for it. That is the central premise of this new book by Rod Parsley. With a tone that is mildly satirical, Parsley uses humor and good-natured mockery liberally to poke fun at the absurdity of the twisted positions held by so many cultural elites. Good and evil, right and wrong, tragic and heroic these were at one time well-defined terms in our cultural lexicon. Yet what was then obvious has now become obscure, and it requires an unashamedly bold and independent observer to point out just how upside down we have become. Rod Parsley not only describes a culture that has lost its way but also provides a way forward upright and facing true north.
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