Libro ebook Los sistemas de garantía: claves para su implantación, Horacio Molina Sanchez, Jesus N. Ramirez Sobrino, Pablo Pombo
Subtitle Guarantee Systems. Keys for their implementation
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Guarantee Systems are mechanisms whose aim is to ease the access to credit, through the formal financial system, granting guarantees to thirds for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises on the best cost and term conditions, because the financial entities mitigate their risk and as a consequence of that reduce the needs of equity and provisions. Guarantee systems manage the credit risk (financial guarantees) or the performance of certain responsibilities (technical guarantees). Nowadays they are a consolidated and necessary reality.
1. INTRODUCTION 2. APPROACH TO GUARANTEE SCHEMES 2.1. The concepts 2.2. The guarantee within the financial and business relation scheme 2.3. Guarantee schemes: a need and a global reality 2.4. The origin of guarantee schemes 2.5. Guarantee schemes integrated into the financial system 2.6. Guarantee schemes as a public policy 3. GUARANTEE SCHEMES FEATURES 3.1. Legal and regulatory regime 3.2. The role of counter guarantee 3.3. Relations with the financial system 3.4. Relations with business owners 3.5. Guarantee schemes extension and expansion: factors for credit expansion 4. CLASSIFICATION OF GUARANTEE SCHEMES 4.1. Nominative descriptive classification 4.2. Empirical classification based on the source of funds…… 4.3. Classification of guarantee coverage operators based on risk-taking 4.4. Classification of guarantee schemes and structural and operational characteristics 5. METHODOLOGY TO IMPLEMENT A GUARANTEE SCHEME 5.1. How to decide on the model or guarantee scheme that will be implemented? 5.2. What implementation methodology should be employed? 6. CONCLUSIONS Bibliography
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