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Libro ebook The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice, David Stillman, Ronni Gordon,
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Learn verb skills and communicate confidently in a new language

Building on the authors bestselling The Ultimate Review and Practice series, this book is your best bet to mastering the often tricky verb forms and key sentence structures of the French language. The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice offers a step-by-step program for experienced beginners through advanced learners to understand how different verb forms work and use that knowledge to build increasingly sophisticated sentences in French. No other book on the market combines guidance and practice in verb formation and usage with tips on the 18 most commonly used sentence models.

1. The Present Tense of Regular Verbs
     Building Sentences
     Subject + verb, subject + verb + direct object
     (transitive and intransitive verbs)
     Disjunctive pronouns + subject + verb,
      disjunctive pronoun + subject + verb + direct object
2. Irregular Verbs (Part I)
      Building Sentences
      Negative Sentences
3. Irregular Verbs (Part II)
     Building Sentences
     Verb + infinitive construction
     Questions: yes/no questions
4. The Imperative
     Building Sentences
     Sentences with indirect objects
     Sentences with direct object pronouns
     Sentences with indirect object pronouns
     Object pronouns with the imperative
5. The Passé Composé
     Building Sentences
     Questions: information questions,   question words
     Placement of adverbs in the passé
     The Passive voice
6. The Imperfect; The Imperfect vs. the Passé Composé
     Building Sentences
     Sentences with the pronouns y and en
7. Reflexive Verbs
      Building Sentences
      Sentences with double object pronouns
8. The Future and the Conditional
     Building Sentences
      Conditional sentence: possible conditions, contrary        -to-present-fact conditions
      Clef sentences: highlighting an element   of a          sentence
9. Compound Tense: The Pluerfect; The Future Perfect;
     The Conditional Perfect
      Building Sentences
       Conditional sentences: contrary- to- past-fact        conditions
       Clef sentences: highlighting the direct object of        the sentence
10. The Subjunctive (Part I): The Present Subjunctive      Building Sentences
       Clef sentencehighlightinging the direct object and        other elements of the sentence
11. The Subjunctive (Part II)
       The Subjunctive in Adjective Clauses;   The Past        Subjunctive
       The Subjunctive in Adverb Clauses
        Building Sentences
         Compound and complex sentence
12. The Present Participle and the Infinitive
       Building Sentences
        Preposition + infinitive phrases as verbal         complements
        Laisser + infinitive
        The causative (faire + infinitive)

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