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Libro ebook València: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development Goals, Ximo Revert, coord.
Publisher: U. Valencia
Categories: Cultural studies
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2019
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ISBN: 9788491332176
University and university students of various disciplines (health, technology and engineering, humanities, social sciences or basic sciences) have set their sights on certain cultural references to return them to the citizenry and invite us to reflect on these manifestations of collective and diachronic solidarity, of how those people in the past did or created things that have contributed to our welfare, but that above all-, they are manifestations of the personal and collective drive of so many people to improve their living conditions and enrich themselves with the creativity of others, thus generating human development. The texts and references presented here are the results of a University Workshop on Cultural Heritage and Human Development. This is a civic reflexive exercise that anyone can do about the cultural and scientific references of their environment or the place they visit.
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