U. Valencia
Libro ebook Writing and Presenting a Dissertation on Linguistics, Aplied Linguistics and Culture Studies for Undergraduates and Graduates in Spain, VV.AA.
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: U. Valencia
Language: Inglés
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: 5.4 (5.4)
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Publishing year: 2015
Size: 7.64 Mb
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ISBN: 9788437097541
This book is a guide to the graduate and undergraduate student through the chief phases which should be followed in conceiving, structuring, writing, and presenting and end of degree, MA, or PhD dissertation. The manual is written in a style germane to the students, with reader-friendly language, and an eminently practical slant. The theoretical explanations provided on each aspect covered are complemented with numerous practical examples for analysis and illustration; activities to apply, practice, and review the notions introduced.
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